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I can’t believe that today, November 6, I just had my favorite snack: A refreshing green prickly pear. I bought them yesterday in the grocery store for only 3/$1.00, and kept them in the fridge. I remember growing up in México, you could find them during the hot summer days in the mercado, red, yellow or white (green). My favorite is the green, “tuna blanca”. And, the wonderful people who sold the “tunas”, they also peeled them for you. You definitely don’t want all those little spines all over your hands.

I read about all the properties that this fruit has, but I don’t have the authority to make comments about it. It’s a fruit and, for that reasons is a healthy snack. You can also get tuna juice, water or ice cream. There is a long list of tuna products that you can find in México, one of them is called “Queso de Tuna”, prickly pear cheese, it is a sweet and delicious brown mass that doesn’t look like cheese.

It’s important to mention that the cactus plant is part of the Mexican history, traditions and culture. Have you noticed that the Mexican flag has a cactus?


Viva La Vida Fest is a Mexic-Arte Museum’s annual  festival held in Austin, Texas. The festival has been an Austin tradition for 30 years. Come and visit our booth and enjoy Austin’s largest and longest-running Day of the Dead event that features a Grand Processionan, exhibition with community altars inside the museum, and educational programs.

Free Admission

Location Change for Festival Grounds
Northwest corner of 4th St. and Congress (downtown Austin)
Time: 12:00-9:00 pm

Grand Procession
Parade staging: 11:00 a.m.
Parade launch: 12:00 noon
Route: the parade will gather on 6th street between Chicon and Comal, and travel an entire mile west on 6th street to the festival location on 4th and Congress.

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Every time a customer request a Mexican dress for her coming wedding, and I ask the future bride to describe every single detail of the dress she has on mind, she gives this look that seems to say “are you in this business and you don’t have a clue what a Mexican wedding dress looks like?

She might be having the ceremony at the beach and she wants a simple but exquisite Manta (unbleached Mexican cotton) dress. Or maybe she is marrying a Mexican man and the whole wedding theme is about color, or she just wants just to wear a traditional Mexican outfit.

[youtube width=”400″ height=”326″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJNxRQaNo70#watch-main-area[/youtube]

Some examples of Casual Mexican Wedding dresses:

Mexican Dress PicosMexican dress Outfit Perla

Casual Mexican Wedding DressMexican dress Outfit Blanco




Don’t miss the first Market of 2015, Saturday, March 7th. Find the finest Mexican handcrafted work by artisans of Mexico at the Wimberley Market Day.We’re there on all market days: the first Saturday of each month from March through December, from 7 AM to 4 PM. The market is located at 601 Farm to Market Road 2325, Wimberley, TX 78676.  Visit us at Booth 87.

Wimberbeley Market Day Booth 87

Mexican Masterpieces at Wimberbeley Market Day, Booth 87